Express Yourself Lyrics – Madonna

Verse 1: I’m gonna kiss you, don’t be afraid Don’t be shy, just let it go Let your heart take control of you And don’t be scared to show Chorus: So come on and express yourself Don’t repress yourself Come on, let’s express ourselves Don’t repress yourself Verse 2: Take a chance, let your fantasies unwind Open up, it’s alright […]

Crazy For You Lyrics – Madonna

Verse 1: I’m so crazy for you It’s not a lie I’ll do anything for you Just to get by Chorus: Crazy for you, crazy for you My love will always be here Crazy for you, crazy for you And I will never disappear Verse 2: I’m so in love with you It’s so hard to see That I need […]

Borderline Lyrics – Madonna

Verse 1: Someday I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us Some say I’m gone and on my way, it’s so unreal Sometimes I just turn and stare, too shocking to see I’m living on the edge of a knife, don’t know wrong from right Chorus: Borderline, too close to touch Borderline, too close to […]

The best rock bands of the 80s

The best rock bands of the 80s The 1980s was a diverse and influential decade for music, with many different genres and styles emerging and gaining popularity. One of the most iconic genres of the 1980s was new wave, which was a form of rock music that combined elements of punk, pop, and electronic music. New wave bands often had […]